Demetria Evans
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The Hunger Games

Portrayed By

Annie Thurman

Main Information:Edit

Demetria is the Female representive of District 9 For the 74th Annual Hunger Games.She was a harvester for grain back in District 9 with a loving mother and had a much younger brother, her best friend and crush was Rye Ivory and has feelings for him.

74th Annual Hunger Games:Edit

Demetria was chosen at the reaping for the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with Rye, both arrived at the Capitol and were dressed for the tribute parade.

Tribute Parade:Edit

Demetria is first seen in the parades with Rye, wearing silver and gold costumes, which are hard to determine the meaning of, but the gold lines represented grain in fields.

District 9 Tribute parade

Demetria and Rye in their Chariot Costumes.


In Training, Demetria was with other tributes to train for the games, she learned how to train with knives, also she befriended District 12 tributes Peeta and Alessa and got to know them for a them and she


Demetria's Interview dress is a light blue dress, reflecting on her sweet and bubbling personality, she acts bubbly and polite to Caeser Flickerman and reassures other tributes she isn't a threat.

Before the Games:Edit

Demetria went into a tube with the other 23 Tributes, she is stationed next to Rye and Savannah, she was seen on the screen along with Alessa during the countdown for the Cornucopia Bloodbath.


When the Gong Rang, Demetria ran towards the Cornucopia with the other tributes, She was ran away when she saw Glimmer stabbing Tamora, the District 6 female. She ran to get a backpack, but as she tried running away with it, Clove threw a knife into her neck, paralazying her, causing her to collapse, Rye found her and took her away to safety.


Demetria is bubbly and friendly to other tributes and is very reckless, she has a heart of gold also, she also worries about people all the time and is very cheerful, she becomes serious when somebody is hurt or killed and gets enraged, avenging their deaths.

Film Portrayal:Edit

In The Hunger Games film, Demetria is Portrayed by Annie Thurman.


  • Demetria weighs 88 Pounds and has 28-1 Odds.
  • In Training, her score was a 6.
  • In the arena, she wore a bottle green jacket.